Shareholders, annual general meeting

HSH Nordbank’s shareholders exercise their rights at the Annual General Meeting. The Management Board convenes the Annual General Meeting once a year, stating the agenda and attaching the requisite reports and documents.

In addition to the agenda items that an Annual General Meeting has to cover by law, the Annual General Meeting held in May 2017 also passed necessary resolutions regarding two silent participation agreements. One extraordinary general meeting was held in November 2017 that dealt with the election of new auditors of the financial statements.

Act on Transparency of Pay
In future, the bank will be subject to the "Act of Transparency of Pay" and will implement the requirements accordingly.. Hence, the report is to be found on the Bank's homepage as well as in the German Federal Gazette (Report on Equality and Equal Pay in accordance with § 21EntgTransG.).  The report is not  part of the Annual Report.