As the saying goes, our youth is our future. This of course is true, and we have been taking it to heart for many years. Our young colleagues, male and female, are so close to our hearts that we have been offering them not only various dual training positions and extensive trainee programmes, we also prefer to fill open positions from the ranks of our own young professionals. For these youth initiatives we were once again recognised as a provider of high-quality, career-promoting and fair training programmes and as “fair company” for interns and university graduates by Absolventa GmbH, a jobs fair specialising in career starters. We were very happy to receive this accolade – and it spurs us on in our commitment to go even further on our way.

To avoid any misunderstanding, let us clarify: We know, of course, that it’s not only about the young – it‘s about the right mix. Experience is important, as is in-depth sector knowledge and, obviously, a broad network. Simply all that which many of our male and female colleagues contribute. They are well-qualified, highly motivated and they form the core of our modern, successful human resources work. This, in turn, finds expression in our staff‘s performance ability. And as far as that is concerned it looks good to us. Otherwise we would have not been able to make the privatisation, new business and the run-off of legacy assets a success. This can only be done with good people. And we have them.

In order to continue advancing our male and female colleagues we offer them extensive opportunities for further development in personal and skills terms. But work is not everything, the work/life balance also needs to be right. That is why we offer not only flexible working hour models but also comprehensive advisory and information offerings on the subjects of family, relatives and the compatibility of family and work. These have a good take-up – and this includes our young colleagues, male and female.

Judith Steinhoff,
Head of Human Resources