Social commitment

We commit ourselves even in difficult times. And not  only because it sounds good.

A company’s success is traditionally measured in numbers, data and facts. It is about sales, profit and growth rates – but this alone is not enough. Companies need and want to be more than an integral part of economic life. They assume social responsibilities, they are also involved in social, cultural and ecological issues. It is important for them to give something back to society, which made their success possible in the first place.

For us, social responsibility is a practice we have lived for many years and from which we did not depart even in economically difficult years. Reliability matters to us – also because we know that a long-term view is necessary to establish projects such as “Kids into the Clubs”. With this initiative children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds are given an opportunity to do sports in a club. There they learn much more than how to stop a ball correctly or how to run with endurance: In a club the children experience success, they get to know the strengths of a group and they are able to test themselves in many different ways. In short: they discover new ways of looking at their lives and see opportunities. We are happy to be able to support them in this process.

HSH Nordbank is a founding member of the Elbphilharmonie Foundation and supports the Elbphilharmonie’s programme as a classic sponsor. As a sponsor of “Resonances Season 2017/18” we contribute to ensuring that the Resonance Ensemble is able to stage classical music live in the Elbphilharmonie.

Together with the Savings Banks Finance Group we are among the main sponsors of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival (SHMF), which we have been supporting since its inception. Our commitment also includes the annual 10.000 EURO Leonard Bernstein Award for young artists.

As a premium partner of Kieler Woche we collected around 30.000 EURO for our charity “Good for kids” last year, which also enables children and young people to take part in club sports.

During the winter months we supply the homeless day centres Herz As in Hamburg and Hempels e.V. in Kiel with hot lunches. So far, we have prepared around 28.000 fresh meals for the homeless.

Last but not least, we sponsor the HSH Nordbank Run, the biggest charity run in northern Germany. In 2017 alone, it had more than 24,000 participants in 831 teams, collecting a donation total of 155.000 EURO for the “Kinder helfen Kindern” (Children helping Children) charitable association.

Ensemble Resonanz,
RIAS chamber choir
Conductor: Justin Doyle

Elbphilharmonie, Grand Hall, sample